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to greater resilience and take control of your wellbeing through a research-informed, systematic and holistic approach.

Do you start the school year well rested, but soon feel exhausted or overwhelmed? Do you wish you could be the amazing teacher you are without risking burnout? You are not alone! Teaching is a demanding profession. As an educator, you understand firsthand the demands and challenges teachers face on a daily basis. Working in the education sector can be overwhelming at times, with high demands and constant change. Resilience is a state; it can be learned and strengthened. This webinar introduces you to tools and strategies to maintain and boost your well-being. It is specifically designed to prioritize your well-being so you can continue to be at your best for you and your students.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Concepts that underpin resilience at work.

  • About the evidence-based Resilience @ Work framework.

  • Tips to cultivate sustainable performance and sustainable well-being.

Our webinar covers:

    1. Boost Resilience at Work for Educators - Webinar Replay

    2. Resilience at Work for Educators

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Dr Miranda Walichowski

Clinical Associate Professor

Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University, Dr. Miranda Fernande Walichowski coordinates the Bilingual Educator Preparation program and teaches graduate-level coaching courses. In her role with PeopleBench, Dr. Walichowski provides bespoke assessments and coaching for schools. Dr. Walichowski is passionate about fortifying human well-being and performance.

Dr Baron Davis

PeopleBench Ambassador

Dr. Baron R. Davis is the former Superintendent of Richland School District Two in Columbia, SC, where he served as the first Black superintendent in the district’s 90-plus-year history. Dr. Davis’s groundbreaking career in education has seen advances in education outcomes and equity—driven by his focus on collective vision, organizational effectiveness, talent development, and community and partner engagement. In his role as PeopleBench Superintendent-in-Residence, Dr. Davis brings over two decades of experience in creating comprehensive, high-achieving, and inclusive K-12 education ecosystems.

Fleur Johnston

PeopleBench CEO

PeopleBench CEO and Founder Fleur Johnston has more than 20 years’ experience in workforce and digital transformation. Driven to create change for good, Fleur founded PeopleBench with the aim of empowering school leaders to build amazing school workforces to achieve the best possible outcomes for students. Fleur is passionate about helping the education sector evolve based on the changing landscape of work, the effects of technology, and a global shift in expectations. Fleur believes that people must be at the heart of the future of education and that workforce strategy—underpinned by research, data, and metrics—will play a role in the path to better student, and therefore social and economic, outcomes globally.

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